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Thank you all for reading my last post. Since then, I have received a few responses about lack of motivation to exercise or eat well. Today I am responding to one of them.

A reader’s question:

What keeps you motivated? I’ve been eating like crap for the past 3 months and gained 10 lbs. which I am not very proud of. I’m normally a healthy eater but lately it’s been a struggle.

My motivation has always been to just be better. I find something new that I want to try to do, and I exercise extensively to perform whatever the goal is. Right now, I am working on performing a planche. What has kept me eating well, for the last month and a half, has been consistently eating well with someone else.

Doing things alone can sometimes set a person up for a misstep.  Now there are people who thrive in doing things alone, however I think most of society works best in groups when it comes to overcoming difficult situations.  Weight Watchers has been successful, because of its’ social aspect and helping people be aware of how they eat. Then Weight Watchers will teach members different eating habits to reaffirm success.  Alcoholics Anonymous has helped many people for decades, because of the group environment.  Now with both examples, people have stumbled.  I’m mean, people are people.  We mess up. It happens.  But the great thing about these groups is they always accept those that have faltered back under the wings.  If you have a goal and you are doing it alone, it is ridiculously easy to stumble along the way.  

So logically the best way to correct the problem is to work within a group!  Using social motivation to achieve your goal will increase the likelihood of you achieving your goal. I am actually working on a new website for exactly that purpose, social motivation for nutrition and exercise, and it should be up and running by April 1st.  

Now what happens if you can’t find someone to exercise with or you can’t afford a personal/group fitness coach to motivate you?  Well you have two choices that I can think of.  Get up and do it yourself or do nothing at all.  Let’s assume, since you’re reading this post, that you won’t allow yourself to do nothing. Then the first thing you should do is change your pattern.  Many times we just need to diversify our exercise and eating habits to make things interesting again.  Constantly eating the same meals or performing the same workouts becomes monotonous and can be the kiss of death for staying healthy.  It almost always leads toward poor food choices and your body plateauing from your workouts.  

If you normally workout at the gym and you usually perform heavy weight training, try exercising at home.  No weights.  

If you have no physical ailments here is a simple, but challenging workout:

4 Rounds:

1) 10 Burpees

2) 20 Floor Butt kicks

3) 30 Sprinters

30 seconds of rest then repeat #1.

**This is not a workout for a beginners**

If you are a beginner and you exercise at the gym normally, you should just take your workouts outside.  If you walk the treadmill, then walk outside instead.  If you normally swim, then it’s time to learn about weight training and work on that.  If you are eating the same things, find a new recipe that interests you, cook it and enjoy it.

The point is we must always teach our bodies something different.  We all have the capacity to do amazing things. As long as we don’t quit, the opportunity still exists to give ourselves the chance at success.

Homework:  Do something different physically or eating something different.  And then share it.   If it is a new workout that you did, I want to know the workout.  If it is a new recipe, send me a picture.  Here we go, the beginning of social fitness motivation will start today.